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Historical Background

In September 11, 1916, the Sultan’s Decree No. 23/1916 was issued to modify the Sultan’s Engineering School regulations to allow for five scholastic departments, the first of which was the “Department of Irrigation and Civil Engineering.”  In May 10, 1926, another decree was issued to divide the course of study at the “Royal Engineering School, Almohandiskhana” into four departments, of which the first was the “Civil Engineering Department.”   The fourth year students in Civil Engineering had to choose, at that time, one of the following major technical fields:

. Topography

. Railway Engineering

. Irrigation Engineering

. Marine Works

. Water Supply and Sanitary Works for Urban Regions

In September 10, 1938, Law No. 80 was issued stating the Faculty of Engineering Regulations. Under this law, four departments were established. The first of these four was the Civil Engineering Department which contained all the scientific fields of the Civil Engineering.

Since 1956, the Civil Engineering Department was divided into three separate departments as follows:

. Structural Engineering Department

. Irrigation and Hydraulics Department

. Public Works Department

However, this decision was only regarding Management and Administration. In the mean time, the undergraduate students joining the Civil Engineering Department graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

The Structural Engineering Department provides top-quality education through various courses to undergraduate and graduate students of the Civil Engineering Department to make them competitive academically, professionally and ethically.   The Department fulfills, as well, the needs of other Faculty departments which require knowledge of some structural engineering aspects for their graduates.  The Department faculty members also supervise and teach courses of the Credit-Hour Programs of Construction Engineering and Management, and Structural Engineering.

Main Scientific Divisions

The Structural Engineering Department comprises the following five scientific divisions:

. Structural Analysis and Mechanics

. Properties and Strength of Materials

. Reinforced Concrete

. Metallic Structures and Bridges

. Construction Engineering and Management

Department Laboratories

The Department has two laboratories that have special nature, namely:

. Materials Testing Laboratory

. Concrete Research Laboratory


Each laboratory is headed and directed by the senior professor in the corresponding division.  The two laboratories serve the academic activities of demonstrating the experimental tests associated with the undergraduate and graduate courses, together with conducting the research programs of the faculty members and their graduate students.  Quality control, quality assurance and various technical consultations are also performed and provided by the two laboratories for governmental agencies and both public and private sector construction companies.

Department Library

The Department library contains two or three copies of each M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis granted by the department since the late eighties.   Those copies are made available for interested researchers and department faculty members.

Lately, the library of late Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Adham El-Demerdash and the library of late Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shafik Aggour, both containing valuable books in various fields of structural engineering were added.

Degrees Offered

    – B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering, in collaboration with Irrigation & Hydraulics Department and Public Works Department

    – Diploma in the following fields of specialization

        . Reinforced Concrete

        . Metallic Structures

        . Construction Management and Engineering

        . Earthquake Engineering

        . Analysis and Mechanics of Structures

        . Materials Engineering and Technology

   – M.Sc. in Structural Engineering

   – Ph.D. in Structural Engineering

Symposia and Conferences

In April 1985, the Structural Engineering Department prepared, sponsored, and hosted the First Arab Structural Engineering Conference (ASEC), which aimed at providing a forum for the Arab researchers and engineers to present and discuss their recent research results and applications in the field of structural engineering.   The conference was held thereafter every two or three years in an Arab Country.   It was held three times in Egypt in 1985, 1991 and 2000; and held twice in each of the United Arab Emirates in 1989 and 2003, Libya in 1993 and 2011, Kuwait in 1997 and 2006 and Jordan in 1987 and 2018.   It was also held for once in each of Syria in 1995, Saudi Arabia in 2009, and Algeria in 2015.    The ASEC Permanent Organizing Committee comprises six Egyptian and Arab members as follows:


Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Aly Reda Youssef, Cairo University, EGYPT Chairman
Prof. Dr. Hussein Aly Al-Khayat, Kuwait University, KUWAIT Member
Prof. Dr. Adel Mohamed El-Wefati, Tripoli University, LIBYA Member
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Atef Rashed, Cairo University, EGYPT Member
Prof. Dr. Mohamed A Abdel-Halim, Jordan University, JORDAN Member
Prof. Dr. Magdy El-Sayed Kassem, Cairo University, EGYPT Member


ASEC Brochures

ASEC12 in Libya, 2013 Brochure

ASEC13 in Algeria, 2015 Brochure

ASEC14 in Jordan, 2018 Brochure


ASEC Series Proceedings

ASEC 8 Proceedings – (Egypt) – October 2000

ASEC 10 Proceedings – (Kuwait) – November 2006

ASEC 11 Proceedings – ( Saudi Arabia) – October 2009

ASEC 12 Proceedings – (Libya) – December 2013

ASEC 13 Proceedings – (Algeria) – December 2015

ASEC 14 Proceedings – (Jordan) – April 2018



The department has also hosted a number of symposia on: High Rise Buildings, Soil Mechanics and Foundations, Bridges, Inspection and Rehabilitation of Bridges.  The latter was co-sponsored by “the School of Highways and Bridges-Paris”; and a large number of practicing engineers, from governmental and construction companies, attended it.

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