Accreditation Activities

 Granting Accreditation to Faculty of Engineering  

The Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University was granted accreditation by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) according to the decision of the Authority Board dated March, 2016.  Early in 2015, the Faculty of Engineering applied to be accredited by (NAQAAE), and a committee from the authority visited the faculty later during the period from December 7 to December 10, 2015, and consequently made an evaluation report based on field visits recommending granting accreditation to the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University for a 5-year period.

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University intends to seek international accreditation by the American Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), not only for the faculty as a whole but for its different departments separately, especially after the two programs of the Department of Architecture (The Two-Semester System & the Credit-Hour System) were accredited by the UNESCO and the International Union of Architects (UNESCO-UIA).   In fact, the Civil Engineering program is on top of the list of programs recommended to apply for accreditation.

The Joint Meeting of the Faculty Dean, Vice Deans and Departments Chairmen with the (NAQAAE) Committee Visiting the Faculty of Engineering in December 7, 2015

Department Accreditation   

 The accreditation activities of the Structural Engineering Department are dedicated to achieve each of the following objectives:

* Improving the quality of structural engineering education in the Department.

Enhancing the educational venue and working environment for students, faculty and staff.

* Developing the human resources in the Department and employing them to serve the  objectives of the on-going educational programs.

* Achieving continuous development of the Department by identifying the points of strength and weakness, and treating the negative aspects.

Developing the necessary tools and facilities to apply for the accreditation.

The activities of the Structural Engineering Department, leading to the fulfillment of requirements needed to apply for accreditation, are summarized in what follows:

* Inserting a permanent item in the agenda of the Department Council meetings concerning the Quality Assurance and Accreditation affairs.

* Preparing the Department course files to include, among other items, each of the following:

 – Code number and title of each course

 – Name of Course File author and date of preparing the file

 – Credit hours and grades allocated for years work and for final exam of the course

 – Lecture hours, lab or section hours, and office hours

 – Name of course instructor/lecturer and his brief CV

 – List of used textbooks and handouts, indicating whether the textbook is required (student has to buy), recommended (would be  useful to student), or reference (do not buy, but read if available in library or elsewhere)

 – Description of course outline/contents, and whether it is required or elective

 – Prerequisites (If any)

 – Specific goals of the course and expected student intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

 – Detailed week-by-week plan for the entire semester, showing topics to be covered each week, and assessment schedule (homework,           midterm, reports, quizzes, and final exam)

  – Student Survey Forms

  – Printed copy of all teaching materials, including notes, handouts, drawings, etc.)

   Printed copy of all assessment materials, including exercises, reports, homework, quizzes, exams, etc. , with examples of student answers (best – average – worst) accompanied by model answers

   – Full record of results for all assessment activities, with necessary statistical analysis

* Revision and Update of the Department website, including the (ILOs)

* Providing full support and assistance to the Department Quality Assurance Committee, and adding representatives of the teaching assistants to the committee

* Focusing on the Department vision, mission, and goals, whether through items within the Department website or by posting in an obvious place in each building of the Department