The mission of the department is to provide education and research environment through:

1. Encouraging faculty, supporting staff, administrators and technicians to sustain their efforts.

2. Continuously improving the teaching and research facilities and laboratories and providing access to up-to-date information resources.

3. Attracting funds from government, private sector and alumni to develop scientific researches.

4. Continuously updating the teaching curricula in cooperation with industry and other stakeholders.

5. Facilitating career opportunities, internships and scholarships to its graduates with the continuity of communication with them.

6. Equipping the graduates with the essential skills that qualify them to assume their social responsibilities after graduation.

7. Enhancing the role of information technology in the educational, research and administrative activities and in community services.

8. Providing students with a solid base of knowledge and understanding of the basics of structural analysis and design using the common construction materials with an advanced professional education focusing on the field of Building Technology.

9. Providing students with the practical and professional skills necessary for employment to work in a team-work together with peers in shared   efforts to learn, understand, interact and create and to support a culture that promotes and encourages risk-taking and challenges standards in creating, composing and presenting ideas in the field of structural engineering.