Department Laboratories

The Department has two laboratories that have special nature, namely:

* Materials Testing Laboratory

* Concrete Research Laboratory

Each laboratory is headed and directed by the senior professor in the corresponding division.  The two laboratories serve the academic activities of demonstrating the experimental tests associated with the undergraduate and graduate courses, together with conducting the research programs of the faculty members and their graduate students.  Quality control, quality assurance and various technical consultations are also performed and provided by the two laboratories for governmental agencies and both public and private sector construction companies.

Department Library

The Department library contains two or three copies of each M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis granted by the department since the late eighties.   Those copies are made available for interested researchers and department faculty members.

Lately, the library of late Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Adham El-Demerdash and the library of late Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shafik Aggour, both containing valuable books in various fields of structural engineering, were added.