The faculty members of the Structural Engineering Department play an important role in providing practical training opportunities for the civil engineering undergraduates through their strong relations with consulting offices and companies of the construction and building industry.

The Faculty Dean issued an official decision dated June 23, 2006 to establish the Student Practical Training Department, since Clause No. 10 in the Internal Regulations for Undergraduates stated that all students of the first, second, and third year of all faculty departments should have practical training for at least three weeks yearly, either inside or outside the faculty facilities during summer vacation under the supervision of faculty members.  As to students of the preparatory year, they should have their practical training inside the faculty during summer vacation for a period specified by the Faculty Council.

The graduation certificate is only given to those students who successfully completed their assigned practical training, while students who did not complete their training may be allowed to finish it in the summer vacation before moving to the fourth year.

The Student Practical Training Department has specified the necessary steps for acquiring practical training for first, second, and third year students of all departments as follows:

1. A Form for Nomination and Evaluation is taken from the Student Practical Training Department free of charge, where the student has the right for one copy only.

2.  The data required in the Form are completed and the Form is then endorsed by both the Students Affairs Department and the Student Practical Training Department.

3. Students from second and third year are asked to check the announcement board in their departments, as well as checking with the Student Practical Training Department to find out the availability of training opportunities first, and then they submit their data to the faculty member who is the department training coordinator.

4. The student, who failed to get one of the available training opportunities, has to personally contact different companies and authorities to get a chance for training, and so has to do the student wishing to have training in more than one place.

5. Students of first year have to search for training opportunities on their own, making use of the data base prepared by the Student Practical Training Department, and they have to get the Form for Nomination and Evaluation from the Training Department, together with a recommendation letter from the Faculty approving the training location.

6. Students completing their training have to submit a certificate of training completion, endorsed by the training provider, to the Student Practical Training Department.